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Karen Kearney (and not THAT kind of Karen)

I'm not going to start this out by telling you I was born with a crayon in my hand… ha ha...That would hurt, but you know that when you are obsessed with a Home Depot, Michael's and the craft section of Walmart you are in trouble. The inability to throw anything out keeps me on the edge of being a horder. I love all kinds of mediums, I especially like to first create something and then paint it. You will see from my Etsy Shop that it includes everything from fence post dolls, to paper clay people, styrofoam rock art, Cut out Frida ornaments and much much more.

In the 90's, yes that was a looong time ago, I was making a pretty good living as a mural and faux finish artist. I worked with several interior designers to paint in show homes and businesses, pubs and restaurants. It was the hot thing back then. I painted so many beer bottles I can't count them all!

I particularly loved painting nurseries and children's rooms. Animals were a specialty for me. Seeing the look on the child's face was worth its weight in Gold Leif! I painted anything from a small vignette to creating a whole room fantasy.

When the 90's dwindled so did the trend of wall treatments and hand painted murals. I started to create beautiful handcrafted chalkboards focusing on artistic and creative frames. I created a company called ZeeZeeChalkboards

FAST FORWARD TO 2006 WHEN I FIRST OPENED MY Etsy SHOP.... Selling things here and there.. I was on ETSY since its inception. I have taken many holidays since but have never stopped creating and painting. Adding artworks to my site as I dream up something new. I do take commissions and love to create hand drawn Custom Coat of Arms. FAMILY STONE CRESTS

2020... Covid sent everyone for a loop and I discovered PRINT ON DEMAND. My Face Masks/ Gaiters were incredibly popular. Different from the crowd as mine had my original artworks on them. It has been an incredible learning curve but I love to put my artworks on every day items to brighten your home as well as having fun with

t shirts, socks, aprons, fanny packs, totes, and more.. Check out my ETSY SHOP I am very proud of it and have tons of 5star reviews! I continue to add fun happy spiritual artwork to my shop!  Thanks for your support ALWAYS! Karen

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